Wandora release 2011-09-19

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Wandora release 2011-09-19

Postby akivela » Mon Sep 19, 2011 12:36 pm

Dear Friends

Yet another version of Wandora application has been published today. This release contains bug fixes and small feature enhancements:

* Fixes GeoNames extractors. Now Wandora's GeoNames extractors require a username provided by the GeoNames.
* R console window has been rewritten.
* Topic table allows any topic selection now. Java's JTable component allows selections of single rows and single columns only (which is fine if you have only one column). Now Wandora overcomes the default limitation.
* Occurrences can be duplicated (to other type). User can also change occurrence's type.
* We have tested Wandora on Java 7.
* New feature: Export similarity matrix. Similarity matrix is similar to topic adjacency matrix but matrix cell contains a value representing selected similarity of row and column topics. Feature has predefined similarity measures of Subject locator similarity, Highest subject identifier similarity, Basename similarity etc.
* Wandora's Firefox and Thunderbird plugin works now on FF version 6.0 and TB version 6.0.

Kind regards,
Aki / Wandora Team
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