Wandora release 2011-11-30

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Wandora release 2011-11-30

Postby akivela » Wed Nov 30, 2011 3:06 pm

Dear Friends

New version of Wandora application has been released today (2011-11-30). The release features:

* Processing topic panel makes Wandora a Processing programming environment with a topic map API. Processing topic panel allows Wandora user to execute Processing scripts against current topic or whole topic map. Processing topic panel gives Wandora user an excellent development tool for topic map visualizations.
* R topic panel follows the idea of Processing topic panel. It offers a feature to execute R scripts against current topic and topic map. Notice, Wandora has also a separate R console released earlier.
* Oma kaupunki event and service extractor. Oma kaupunki is a Helsinki city based news, events and service portal. Wandora extractor allows user to extract local event and service information.
* Treemapping topic panel is a topic visualization based on treemapping algorithm.
* Twitter extractor. Yes, finally Wandora user can perform Twitter searches and transform search results to topics and associations.
* Google Translation feature uses now Google Translation API v2.
* Numerous UI changes and enhancements.

We hope you'll find the release useful.

Kind Regards,
Aki / Wandora Team
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