Sorting Movies by Title type

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Sorting Movies by Title type

Postby ayushmandutta » Sat Sep 29, 2012 5:53 am

I am trying see how wandora analyzes and maintians the data.
I had one queary regarding the ftp data which provided by IMDB.
I wanted to know how to distinguish between title type based on the (FTP)files provided by IMDB.

As in IMDB web interface provided field of Title type(eg : - Feature Film, TV Series, Mini series etc)
I wanted know how can i extract this diffrentiation using the ftp files provided.

Thanks a lot for helping :D
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Re: Sorting Movies by Title type

Postby akivela » Thu Oct 04, 2012 10:51 am


At the moment Wandora's IMDB extractor recognizes several different title types. These are

* TV Show (with subject identifier
* TV Mini (with subject identifier
* Movie (with subject identifier
* Video Movie (with subject identifier
* Video Game (with subject identifier

By default the title type is Movie. Wandora creates a topic for each title type and adds the type topic to each title as a type (or as a class in Wandora context). If your IMDB data file contains this information, it is extracted and handled automatically by Wandora. I suppose, some IMDB data files doesn't contain these title types.

Once you have all the IMDB topics extracted and you can find the title type topics, using Finder for example, it is simple to view all instances of title type topic. For example, all TV Show titles are instances of a topic with subject identifier . As the number of topics in IMDB extractions is extremely high, you might face memory problems while accessing the IMDB topic map. I suggest you give Wandora as much memory as your computing environment allows.

Wandora's IMDB extractor was created several years ago and we really haven't looked at possible changes in IMDB data file format since the extractor creation. If the file format has changed, there may be other problems in extraction too.

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