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Export Selected Topic

Postby athanassios » Tue Aug 20, 2013 1:09 pm

I would like to export to dot, graphml the topics, associations, occurrences I have laid out on the graph panel. I tried to do that with Topics/Export/Export Selection As option but the output I get includes all wandora classes and all topics. Is there any quick hacking to get only the nodes and edges of the graph ?

In my opinion this is a must feature to include in forthcoming versions of Wandora as it will allow users to publish their maps more easily on the web and share also semantic data based on TMDM.

Thanks for any help you can offer on this

BTW: The same is true when you export to other formats, wandora schema and all the topics are included I think....
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Re: Export Selected Topic

Postby aki » Thu Aug 22, 2013 8:27 pm

Hi Athanassios

To be specific, Topics > Export > Export selection... actually exports selected topics completely. When a topic is exported completely, it's subject locator, basename, all subject identifiers, variant names, occurrences, classes, instances and it's associations are exported. As a side effect, all topics in occurrence and variant name scopes are exported. Also, all association type topics, role topics and associated topics are exported. All these linked topics are exported minimally. When a topic is exported minimally, only one subject identifier of the topic is exported.

Now, thinking the graph panel, it is possible that the user has filtered some association types and hasn't opened all linked topics, and perhaps closed some other linked topics. Thus, the graph view may contain only a small selection of possible nodes and edges between visible nodes. Unfortunately the Export selection... doesn't see your graph but operates in topic map level as described above. Thus, you can't use the Export selection... to save the view in graph panel.

However, as you wrote, the feature of exporting the view in graph panel as a dot or graphml format would be a great addition to the application. I have to to put that in my to-do-list.

Kind regards,
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Re: Export Selected Topic

Postby akivela » Wed Oct 09, 2013 1:22 pm

Hi Athanassios

As you may have noticed, recently released Wandora version (2013-09-15) contains a graph export feature. Now you should be able to export the graph in the topic graph panel in a DOT, GraphML, GraphXML or GML format. The graph export starts when you right mouse click the graph topic panel and select context menu option under Export graph as. Wandora exports only visible nodes and edges.

The old graph export features under Topic > Export > Export selection... works as before and exports topics and their neighborhood despite the visibility of topics.

Kind Regards,
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