Good Morning and Welcome

Good Morning and Welcome

Postby akivela » Tue Jun 15, 2010 11:25 am

Good morning and welcome to Wandora Blog. This blog will be an arena for Wandora Team, mainly for me, Aki Kivela, and Olli Lyytinen to write short notes about Wandora application, Topic Maps, and information technology in general.

As you may already know, we have started investigating an alternative platform for Wandora application. Strictly speaking current Wandora application has no platform at all, if you don't consider Java as a platform. This is due to the evolutionary development process of the application. We have had only limited interest in reusing Wandora's code base and the application sits very tightly on the code base. In other words there is a lot of dependencies in Wandora. Although we are rather happy with current situation we acknowledge it would require heavy refactoring to implement application some basic features such as internationalization and a Web Start version. To ease our lives, and to raise Wandora application to the next step, we are seriously looking for a new platform for Wandora application, and have started investigating Netbeans. Why Netbeans? We have developed Wandora with Netbeans for years, and we know the platform rather well. Another choice would have been Eclipse, and it is very likely that we peek it's feature set. I am also rather confident Eclipse will be our next choice if the Netbeans path crashes for some reason.

It is also worth to note that the Netbeans Wandora will still be a desktop application and it's license will be GNU GPL.

What about old Wandora? The application will be available till we have a stable version of Netbeans Wandora, and we go on publishing new features and application versions in future also although the pace may not be as fast as it has been. You can safely go on using Wandora application, it doesn't go away.

To keep your eyes on Wandora development keep this blog bookmarked.

Kind Regards,
Aki Kivela
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