Is Wandora compatible with Idea or Eclipse?

Need help in building Wandora?

Is Wandora compatible with Idea or Eclipse?

Postby mordenkainen » Sun Mar 15, 2015 2:36 pm

The githab repo says that Wandora is build and developed in Netbeans. How much it relyes on Netbeans? Is there any features that are netbeans-specific and may not be accessed from other IDE?
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Re: Is Wandora compatible with Idea or Eclipse?

Postby akivela » Mon Mar 16, 2015 12:39 pm

Yes, we use Netbeans IDE to develop Wandora. The Netbeans is used to compile Wandora sources and to build some of the UI (Swing GUI Builder). Compiling sources with Eclipse and other Java development tools is possible. I did some experiments after watching a short tutorial ( To summarize the experiences:

  • While adding the contents of lib to Eclipse, add only jar files to the build path. Any other file types cause problems.
  • Wandora's webview panel ( uses JavaFX. I had to copy the jfxrt.jar from JRE's lib folder to Wandora's lib and add the jfxrt.jar to Eclipse project as build path.
  • Don't run Wandora from Eclipse. Just build everything.
  • It seems Eclipse puts compiled classes to a bin folder by default. Wandora keeps all startup scripts in bin folder. To resolve the conflict I renamed Wandora's bin folder to bin2.
  • Wandora's startup scripts assume all classes locate in build/classes folder. I created the folder manually and copied the contents of bin to build/classes (after successful build).
  • Wandora's startup scripts assume all libraries locate in build/lib. I created the folder manually and copied the contents of lib to build/lib. As said above, the lib contains also non-jar files. These must be copied too.
  • Wandora requires resource files (images, topic maps etc.) that locate in build/resources folder. I copied the resources folder manually to build/resources.

After these steps I was able to compile Wandora sources with Eclipse and to run compiled Wandora application. I am rather sure all manual copy/configuration steps can be automated/configured in Eclipse too. One could also adjust Wandora's startup scripts in bin2 (originally bin) to change the location of compiled classes, libs and resources.

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