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Adjacency matrix is used to represents edges between nodes in graphs. As you may know, a topic map is also a graph where edges are called associations and nodes topics. Wandora's adjacency matrix import feature takes a matrix, interprets it, and creates topics and associations according to the matrix.

Adjacency matrix contains 0 (zeros) and non-zeros. Whenever a matrix cell is non-zero, an association is created between row-topic and column-topic. For example, if matrix cell in second column and third row contains value 1, then an association is created between topic 2 and topic 3. Numbers 2 and 3 represent here topic identities. Association type is generic one and you can change it in Wandora to reflect your semantic view. Also roles are generic ones you might want to change after adjacency matrix import.

Wandora's adjacency matrix import feature starts with menu option File > Import > Adjacency matrix import. Use space characters to separate values in matrix rows and new line character to separate matrix rows. If you check the Cell value to player option, all created associations get third player carrying the cell value. This option may be useful, if you are modelling Markov chains for example.

Adjacency matrix import example

Adjacency matrix import 1.gif

Adjacency matrix import 2.gif

Adjacency matrix import 3.gif

Adjacency matrix import 4.gif

Adjacency matrix import 5.gif

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