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To delete a topic map layer in Wandora select the layer in layer stack and select menu tool Layers > Delete layer or press ALT+Delete. Layer deletion is always confirmed and a request windows pops up. Choose Yes to delete the layer and No to cancel deletion.

If the deleted layer was memory based you loose everything in the layer topic map. To save the topic map in memory layer select Layers > Export layer > Export topic map... before deleting the layer.

If the deleted layer was a database layer only the database connection is discontinued. Database content is not altered anyhow. If you want to empty the database topic map select Layers > Clear layer topic map....

If you delete the Base layer, Wandora looses all schema topics and associations, and the application changes unstable. Some Wandora tools may generate exceptions without schema topics. We recommend you not to delete the Base layer unless you have the required schema topics in some other topic map layer.

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