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Looks like Wandora's Delicious extractor has been deprecated due to API changes in Delicious. We have temporarily moved Delicious extractors from the menu. To revival and use the extractors, use Tool manager.

Wandora supports extracting information from into a topic map. Extractor starts with menu option File > Extract > Social > Delicious URL extractor or File > Extract > Social > Delicious posts extractor. There are two ways to extract information:

  • The URL extractors look up URLs from topics in context and try to find posts matching those URLs from Delicious. If successful, they will add information (description, tags) retrieved from the web api to the topic at hand.
  • The post extractors will extract posts with a certain criteria (currently only the most recent posts by specified users) and create topics into the topic map, merging with those topics that have matching subject identifiers. user choice dialog

See also Wandora's Digg extractors. example

Next image views an example of Delicious extracted topic. First, a topic was created in Wandora. New topic was given a base name wandora and a subject identifier As you may note, the subject identifier URL is exactly the URL of Wandora wiki site. Created topic was selected and Delicious URL extractor was started. As Delicious contains the URL as a bookmark and it has been tagged, all the tags end up to Wandora as topics and associations. All extracted topics and associations are shown in the image as describes associations between tag topics and the wandora topic. Thus Delicious extractor can be used to describe subject identifiers (and locators of course).

Delicious example.gif
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