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Wandora is an open source application and you can download Wandora's source code distribution package from Wandora's download page. Source code distribution package is a zip file. Expand and save the files in the package to your file system. We develop Wandora with Netbeans IDE. The source code package contains a project file for Netbeans IDE. To open the project choose File > Open Project... in Netbeans and select the wandora-src folder you just expanded from the zip. Netbeans should view a Netbeans project icon, a cup of coffee, beside the folder name. Below is screen capture of Netbeans with a Wandora project open. Once you have successfully opened Wandora project, you can compile Wandora project to test whether or not you have everything in order. Mouse click the Clean and build project button, hammer with a brush. Once compiling Netbeans prints information to a tab labeled as Output - wandora-org (clean, jar). Check that for a status information. It takes about thirty seconds to several minutes to compile the project. If you were successful in compiling the project, status information should end to a message similar to BUILD SUCCESSFUL (total time: 34 seconds).

Netbeans 01.gif

Next you can start browsing the source files and perhaps doing some modifications in Wandora's source code. Before that you might be interested in reading also documentation about

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