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Wandora's Export Adjacency Matrix feature creates a matrix out of topic map or topic collection and saves it to a user addressed file. Created matrix represents connections between topics. Each matrix row and column views one topic. Intersection of column and row contains a number representing connections between row and column topics. For example, if a cell holds a number 0 (zero), then one can conclude that row and column topics are not connected i.e. topics are not players in same associations, and there is no instance-class relation between topics. If a cell holds a number 2 (two), then one can conclude row and column are connected two times i.e. there is either two associations where both topics play a role, or one association and instance-class relation. However, matrix says nothing about the association types nor roles, nor any other topic details. Export Adjacency Matrix feature is very lossy.

Wandora's Export Adjacency Matrix feature starts with menu option File > Export > Export adjacency matrix... or in context of topics with menu option Topics > Export > Export adjacency matrix..., or in context of topic map layer with menu option Export layer > Export adjacency matrix.... First option exports all topics in Wandora application. Second option exports only selected topics, and third option only selected topic map layer.

Holding CTRL key down while starting export, opens up a configuration dialog where you adjust export settings:

  • Count classes. Should export feature count also class relations between topics.
  • Count instances. Should export feature count also instance relations between topics.
  • Count associations. Should Wandora count also associations between topics.
  • Label matrix columns and rows. If checked, Wandora adds topic names to matrix. Names are placed to the first row and first column of matrix. If not checked, user may have difficulties in recognizing row and column topics.
  • Export as HTML table. If checked, exported matrix is an HTML table. If not checked, exported matrix is plain text file where cells are separated by TAB and NEWLINE characters.

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