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File system extractor is used to create topic map blueprints of any given file system, ie. folder and it's content is converted to a topic map. File system extractor creates a topic for each file and folder and associates the file with the enclosing folder. Extractor also adds file topics text occurrences with file's type and size. Each file topic is given a subject locator created with file's path. Extractor doesn't change mapped files and directories.

File system extractor starts with File > Extract > Simple files > Directory structure extractor....

Below is a screenshot of Wandora with a topic map generated by Directory structure extractor. Extracted directory was wandora-org of Wandora's source code distribution package. Dark red edges represent folder inclusion relation i.e. is-located associations. The light blue topic in the middle is root of extracted directory structure file:/D:/projects/Wandora/wandora-org/.

Simple directory extract example.gif
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