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Fully connected graph generator creates topic map where each topic is connected to every topic (including itself) via binary association. Maximally connected graph is also called as complete graph. Properties of fully connected topic map include

  • Shortest path length between any topics is 1
  • if n is number of topics then fully connected topic map contains n * ( 1 + ((n - 1) / 2)) associations (edges). For example a fully connected graph with 100 topics has 5050 associations. Note that literature often gives you a formula n * (n - 1) / 2 for the edge count of fully connected graph. The difference between our and literature formula follow the design decision where topic may be connected to itself also.

Below is a graph visualization of complete graph with 7 topics. Visualization was created with Wandora's graph topic panel. Notice the visualization doesn't contain topic's associations to itself.

Fully connected graph example.gif

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