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Property table extractor reads simple HTML fragments containing table, tr, and td elements and converts table content to single association. Extractor expects the table contains only two columns where first column contains property name and second the property value. Each property and property value are considered as an association role and association player of same association. If first line does not contain property value the line is considered as association type. For example consider rather typical table

Republic of Finland
Capital Helsinki
Government Parliamentary democracy
Area 338,145 km2
Population 5,297,316

When this table is processed with Property Table Extractor, it is dragged to Wandora's Drag and Drop extractor for example, an association results. This association has type Republic of Finland and contains four players Helsinki, Parliamentary democracy, 338,145 km2, and 5,297,316. Respectively roles of players are Capital, Goverment, Area, and Population. If you look at Wandora, the association looks like this

Property table extractor example.gif

The Property table extractor enables easy screen scraping method as HTML fragments may be dragged directly from WWW browser such as Firefox. See also HTML association table extractor for a slightly different HTML table extraction method.

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