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Before installation

Before installing Wandora you should ensure that you have Java Development Kit (JDK) 8 installed. You should also download Wandora software package and see system requirements before proceeding. This page focuses to the installation of Wandora binary distribution package only.


Current version of Wandora has no guided installation procedure or installation wizard found in many commercial software packages. Wandora is installed simply extracting Wandora software package into a desired location on your computer. Installation steps are

  • Choose location where to install Wandora
  • Unzip package in the location

After successful unzip you should see a folder named wandora as shown below. Now you might want to run Wandora.

Wandora folder v2.gif

Uninstalling Wandora

Wandora has no uninstaller at the moment. As Wandora does not store files outside the Wandora folder, removing the folder uninstalls the application.

Upgrading Wandora

We publish new releases of Wandora time to time. If you have already installed Wandora and want to install new version, either install new version to new directory or first remove the old version completely and then install new files into the directory. Don't install Wandora over an existing older installation.

Before you remove the old Wandora installation, think, if you want to manually copy some settings from the old configuration file (build/resources/conf/options.xml). Also, if you have used Wandora's Waiana service, copy stored topic maps and Waiana options (build/resources/server/waiana) to your new installation.

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