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Wandora's iCal calendar extractor converts files, URL resources and plain text input conforming to RFC 2445 iCalendar specification into topics and associations. Like other topics the extracted data may be merged with topics from other sources as well as visualized using other tools provided in Wandora. The extractor is opened with the menu option File > Extractors > Other > iCal extractor... where the extraction method can then be specified.

iCal extraction example

Below a user extracts iCal events from a file exported from a Google Calendar containing Finnish public holidays and then uses the D3 graph service module to visualize the previously created topics.

Ical extractor 1.png

Ical extractor 2.png

Ical extractor 3.png

Ical extractor 4.png

ICal extractor 5.png

ICal extractor 6.png

ICal extractor 7.png

ICal extractor 8.png
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