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A linked topic map is a special topic map implementation that reflects the contents of another topic map. The linked topic map will contain everything in the source topic map and all edits made to either of them are reflected in the other. The source topic map may be any kind of topic map and all data is stored there.

Care should be taken not to cause any kind of circular references with linked topic maps.

There is currently a known bug with linked topic maps. If you reconfigure a layer that is being used by a linked topic map, the linked topic map will in some cases go to an unusable state. This happens if the reconfigured layer is a database topic map, query topic map or another linked topic. Reconfiguring here means right clicking the layer in the layer tree and selecting Configure layer. To work around this bug, you must delete and recreate any linked topic maps that point to a layer that you need to reconfigure, if the layer contains one of the topic map types listed above.

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