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In order to take a closer look at any topic you need to open it into a topic panel, traditional topic panel for example. There are many different procedures to open a topic for inspection. These procedures include:

  • Clicking Open button in button bar. This opens a topic selection dialog where you can browse and search topics, and select the topic you wish to open.
  • Clicking Arrow button in button bar. Arrows are used to navigate the browse history. Left arrow restores previous topic. Right arrow restores next topic in browse history.
  • Selecting Open topic from Topics menu or pressing Ctrl-O. Open topic menu option is available in several locations in Wandora.
  • Double clicking a topic in topic tree or topic table. This is easiest method to open a topic. If you can see the topic in any topic tree or topic table, just double click it and it is opened to the topic panel.
  • Selecting Open topic in context menu opened in topic tree.
  • Selecting Open in context menu opened in topic tables.

Once topic has been opened in topic panel, it can be examined and modified (if the topic panel supports topic editing). Sometimes it may be necessary to close the topic in the topic panel. A topic is closed by selecting Close topic from Topics menu or pressing Ctrl-W.

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