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Wandora's platonic solid graph generator creates algorithmically graphs for simple geometrical objects known as Platonic solids. Generated graphs are compositions of topics and associations. Topic is a graph node or vertex in Topic Maps lingo. Association is a graph edge. You may think the generated topic maps as graph abstractions of real geometrical objects. Platonic solids are


Wandora's platonic solid graph generator starts with menu option File > Generators > Platonic solid graph generator.... First Wandora opens up a dialog window used to select which platonic solid is created. Screen capture below views the platonic solid selection window.

Platonic solids dialog.gif

Generator creates a topic for each vertex and connects the vertex topic to other vertex topics sharing an edge. Generator names vertex topics with a base name

<object> Vextex <n>

where <object> is Tetrahedron, Cube, Octahedron, Dodecahedron, or Icosahedron. and <n> is a number of the vertex. First vertex gets number 0. For example, Cube Vertex 5 is a base name for cube's last vertex topic. Similarly each vertex topic is given a subject identifier<object>/vertex<n>

where <object> is a lower case name of the object and <n> a number of the vertex. Vertexes are connected with edge associations. Association type's base name and subject identifiers are


Association roles are

 <object> Role 1<object>/role1
 <object> Role 2<object>/role2

If you are not happy with default roles you can apply Wandora's topic manipulation tools to change the topic after graph creation.

Screen captures

Next screen captures view graph visuals of platonic solids created using Wandora's platonic solid graph generator. Wandora's Graph topic panel is used to view the graph.

Tetrahedron graph.gif

Cube graph.gif

Octahedron graph.gif

Dodecahedron graph.gif

Icosahedron graph.gif

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