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Wandora's R topic panel is similar to Processing topic panel. It is used to write R language scripts and execute these scripts. Especially an R script can be executed automatically whenever Wandora user changes current topic in Wandora. Wandora's R topic panel is added to Wandora by selecting menu option View > New panel > R. R topic panel has two tabs labeled Script and R console. Script tab contains a simple text editor used to write R scripts. R console tab contains a running instance of R console. User should notice that R console in topic panel tab is synchronized with the stand alone R console. If you execute a command in one, it will become visible on other too. User should notice also that a separate R language installation is required to use R topic panel. You'll find installation instructions in the documentation of stand alone R console.

Script editor has several buttons:

  • New clears current script in editor.
  • Open is used to read an R script from a file or from an occurrence.
  • Save is used to save the script in editor to a file or to an occurrence.
  • Options opens up an R topic panel configuration dialog window. Available configuration options include autoload and autorun.
  • Run button injects current script in editor to R console.

Below is a screen capture of Wandora application with R topic panel active.

R topic panel.gif

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