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SQL query result set extractor is similar to Wandora's SPARQL extractor except the query format is not SPARQL but SQL. SQL query result set extractor takes a connection URL and an SQL query, sends the query to given URL, receives a result set and transforms the result set to topics and associations. As a result, Wandora user can create topics and associations out of SQL database stored data. SQL extractor starts with a menu option File > Extract > Databases > SQL Extractor.... Selecting the menu option opens up a dialog window with two text fields. Wandora user should enter the connection URL and SQL query before successful extraction is possible. Connection URL should contain also database username and password. Read database documentation to build a valid connection URL.

Sql extractor 01.gif

Sql extractor 02.gif


Wandora features also a Database extractor that is used to transform whole database to a topic map.

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