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This Topic map gallery page collects all topic maps created by Wandora Team. Usually gallery topic maps have been created using information extractors provided by the Wandora application and anyone should be able to create same topic map using original data files and the application.

See also Topic maps libary repository in Github.

YLE Elävä arkisto and Arkivet

Finnish National Broadcasting company (YLE) has published metadata of their Elävä arkisto and Arkivet archives. Metadata license is Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0. We have created Wandora several extractors that transform the published metadata into Topic Maps format and publish now the transformed metadata under the same license. Created topic maps may interest Finnish developers exploring YLE's metadata and building applications and visualizations with the data.

A Million First Steps in Topic Maps

British Library released images and information from the 17th, 18th and 19th century books under a title "A million first steps". Wandora Team has converted the data files into the topic map format and releases the topic map files for the public domain.

The Service Map - Helsinki region public services

The Service Map (Palvelukartta in Finnish) is an open web service providing information about Helsinki city region community services. Helsinki is a capital of Finland. The Service Map includes basic information such as geo-coordinates and address about public libraries, schools, healthcare units, museums and many more service units. Wandora Team publishes a complete topic map extraction of The Service Map as an interesting piece of information and as a demonstration of Wandora's extractor.

Moby Thesaurus

Moby Thesaurus II is a large English thesaurus containing 30260 root words and over 2,5 million synonyms. Moby Thesaurus II has been collected by Grady Ward and has been public domain since 1996. Moby Thesaurus II is part of a larger Moby Project. Topic map conversion of the Moby Thesaurus II was created with Wandora's Moby thesaurus extractor.

Enriched Afghanistan War Diary

Topic Maps Labs released a topic map named Afghanistan War Diary - 2004 based on Wikileaked documents. Inspired by the vivid discussion about the goodness of the released topic map we tried to enrich the topic map using automated entity recognizers such as Calais and Alchemy.

European royal families

Denis R. Reid has collected genealogical information about European royal families. Information includes relations such as parent-child, husband-family and wife-family. Topic map contains information about 1422 royal families and 3010 individuals. Topic map conversion of Reid's data was realized using Wandora's GEDCOM extractor.

HSOpen Apurahat

Helsingin Sanomat, a major Finnish newspaper and media company, arranged an open-data-hackathon with a title HS Open #2 - Follow the Money 23rd of May 2011. Helsingin Sanomat released two data sets for the event. Another data set was about grants received by Finnish artists between 2000-2010. Wandora Team participated the hackathon and created a special importer for Wandora application that converts the data set of artist' grants to a topic map format.


Gellish, also known as STEPlib, is a controlled vocabulary used especially in engineering to specify products, facilities, and processes. Gellish vocabulary contains concepts and named binary relations, also called as facts, between concepts. Gellish ontologies were converted to topic maps with Wandora's Gellish ontology extractor.


WordNet is a large lexical database for English. WordNet has been developed at the Cognitive Science Laboratory of Princeton University. Topic map conversion is based on W3C's work on RDF version of WordNet 2.0.

Gene Ontology

Gene Ontology is a controlled vocabulary used to describe gene and gene product attributes in any organism. Gene Ontology is an ongoing developed of The GO Consortium. Topic map conversion is based on OBO flat file version of the Gene Ontology hosted by the OBO Foundry. Gene Ontology was converted to topic map with Wandora's OBO Import feature.


OpenCyc is a large general knowledge base and commonsense reasoning engine, and limited version of the Cyc. Topic map conversion of the OpenCyc is based on RDF conversion of the OpenCyc provided by Stephen L. Reed for his Texai project. Topic map conversion was created with Wandora's RDF import feature following light manual processing.

Finnish General Upper Ontology (YSO)

YSO is the Finnish General Upper Ontology based on the Finnish General Thesaurus maintained by The National Library of Finland. YSO is an acronym of words Yleinen Suomalainen Ontologia. YSO contains ca. 20 000 concepts. Topic Map conversion of YSO is based on RDF dump. Topic Map YSO was created using Wandora's RDF import feature. Machine translated YSO was processed manually to fix topic names and associations.

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