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Best way to peek the development and upcoming features of Wandora application is to look at Wandora's master repository at Github and especially our commit history.

Current Wandora features are here. You can expect upcoming features and updates to be released within few months. See also Change log for latest changes in Wandora.

Nice to have features

These features are here to give you a glimpse to ideas floating around Wandora development team:

  • Support for binary data occurrences.
  • Database topic map implementation with transactions and atomicity.
  • Occurrence import/export to an internet text storage service.
  • Better integration with MediaWiki (WikiData, WikiCommons).
  • Extractor specific server modules: Clear path from extraction to information visualization.

If you are interested in trying to develop any features or wish to hurry the development of a certain feature, please contact Wandora Team.

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