Wandora application

Wandora is a tool for people who collect and process information, especially networked knowledge and knowledge about WWW resources. With Wandora you can aggregate and combine information from various different sources. You can manipulate the collected knowledge flexible and efficiently, and without programming skills. More generally speaking Wandora is a general purpose information extraction, management and publishing application based on Topic Maps and Java. Wandora suits well for constructing and maintaining vocabularies, ontologies and information mashups. Application areas include linked data, open data, data integration, business intelligence, digital preservation and data journalism. Wandora's license is GNU GPL. Wandora application is developed actively by a small number of experienced software developers. We call ourselves as the Wandora Team.


New release 2014-08-20


New version of Wandora application has been released today (2014-08-20). The released version features SameAs.org subject expander, Alchemy API image keyword extractor, ReKognition face detection extractor and Waiana service module, for example. See change log for details.

Wandora goes Github


To make the Wandora development more transparent and to attract new developers, we have moved Wandora's master repository to the Github. Take a look and join us developing Wandora.

Wandora release 2014-06-05


New Wandora release is available. This release features refactored embedded HTTP server. Now the internal services are built upon Wandora's modules framework introduced few releases ago. This change should ease the service transfer between Wandora application and Tomcat server framework and provide more advanced options for topic map based WWW application development. Also, this release updates Twitter extractor and contains many smaller enhancements and bugfixes.

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