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This page summarizes perhaps the most fundamental features of Wandora application.

Desktop application

  • Fast and reliable
  • Requires Java

Graphical user interface

Layered storage of knowledge

  • Supports multilayered networks
  • Construct the knowledge using several different layers, each containing only part of the knowledge
  • You can view only parts of data and hide parts that don't interest you
  • Automatic merging of different and even distributed data sources
  • Protect some parts of topic map by allowing only read access
  • Use nested layer stacks to create tree like layer structures

Several data storage options

Import data in several formats

Extract topic maps from various sources

Over 50 different data format and web service extractors. Including

And many more...

Search and analyze topic maps

Export and publish

Edit topic maps

Wandora contains a huge collection of topic map editing features. You can not only edit topics and associations directly but also transform topic's internal structures -- such as occurrences to other structures -- such as variant names. You can also choose to apply editing feature to not just one topic but a collection of topics which speeds up topic map refactoring substantially. See Wandora's documentation for details.

Generate simple topic map graphs

Plugin architecture makes it easy to add custom functionality

  • Tools that process topic map, for example cleaning or reconstructing data
  • Importing data in different formats, for example from existing relational database
  • Exporting data in different formats
  • Reading and automatic processing of metadata from a collection of files
  • Customized ways to represent the data in the topic map
  • Custom publishing methods

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