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Wandora can export topic maps in XTM, LTM, and JTM format. Exporting topic map in Wandora starts with

First method exports all available layers merged together. Last two methods export only the topic map in current layer. You are requested file name for the exported topic map. If your file name has extension ltm, Wandora exports topic map in LTM format. File extension jtm exports topic map in JSON Topic Maps format. If your file name has extension xtm1, Wandora exports XTM 1.0 formatted topic map. Otherwise Wandora exports topic map in XTM 2.0 format.

Merged export

Merged export starts with File > Export > Export topic map.... Merged export creates a topic map containing topics and associations from all visible layers. Exported topic map may contain multiple identical topics and associations as the export does not keep book of already exported topics and associations. To remove these redundant topics and associations import the topic map back to Wandora, make a association consistency check, and export the topic map again.

Another method to create a consistent topic map without redundant topics and associations is to merge all layers and export the resulting single layer topic map.

Layer export

Layer export starts with Layers > Export layer > Export topic map.... Exporting single layer when you have multiple layers available, exports only selected layer. For example base names and subject identifiers inherited from merged topics are not included in the export.

Exporting same layer multiple times may result a topic map file with slightly different file size. Different file size is a consequence of different XTM identifiers (the id attribute in topic element) a topic receives during the export.

Selection export

Wandora user can also export selected topics also as a Topic Maps serialization. This option is useful when user has to export only small fragment of whole topic map. Selection export starts in context of topic selection with pop-up menu option Topics > Export > Export selection as topic map....

Exported topic map contains

  • All selected topics
  • All instance topics of selected topics
  • All class topics of selected topics
  • All associations of selected topics
  • All association type topics of exported associations
  • All role topics of exported associations
  • All player topics of exported associations
  • All occurrence type topics
  • All variant name scope topics

Thus, you can expect the exported topic map contain some additional topics compared to the topic selection which was originally exported.

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