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Subj3ct web service has been discontinued and doesn't answer requests any more. Thus, this extractor is deprecated and has been removed from Wandora's user interface. However, it is still in both distribution packages and you can dig it up with Tool Manager, if you wish. is an web service providing subject identifiers. Subject identifiers play an important role in Topic Maps and ontologies in general to identify concepts and ideas. is a work of Networked Planet, a British company developing Topic Maps applications. Wandora's Subj3ct record extractor reads open api feeds and converts results to Topic Maps format. Wandora's Subj3ct record extractor can be used to name and describe subject identifiers for example. As Subj3ct stores also provenances of subject identifiers, user can trace the subject author.

Wandora's Subj3ct record extractor starts with menu option File > Extract > Subjects > Subj3ct record extractor.... Option opens a dialog (See image below) where Wandora user may choose the kind of extraction. Available choices are

  • Get subject identity record by subject identifier
  • Search for subject identity records by web resource
  • Search for subject identity records by URI
  • Search for subject identity records by text query
  • Make an explicit api feed XML request

Notice choices reflect the structure of Subj3ct feed api. All but last choice maps to api request. To ease extraction, Wandora user may pick up subject identifiers from Wandora. Subject identifier is picked with Context to... buttons.

Subj3ct record extractor.gif

After successful extraction Wandora contains several type topics and extracted subjects. For example, searching instance results five different Subj3ct topics (See image below). Each subject record carries subject's link in service (recordlink), trust, description, and name. Optionally subject record may contain references to equivalent and representational subjects. Wandora user should note that all subject record data represents a personal view of record author.

Subj3ct record extractor 02.gif
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