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The Alchemy API image keyword extractor is used to recognize keywords in an image. The extractor uses Alchemy API service to find the keywords. Wandora transforms keywords topics and associates keywords topics with the image topic.

A valid API key is required to perform image keyword extractors. You can request your personal API key at .

The extractor can be used for local image files and images with an URL, a subject locator URL, for example. The extractor downloads the image file into Wandora's temp directory, scales it's size down and uploads the image file to the Alchemy API. The user should notice the extracted image is transferred to the Alchemy API server for investigation.


In this example Wandora user selects one of example images in Windows 7 and performs Alchemy API extraction for it. First, the user selects menu option File > Extract > Classification > Alchemy image keyword extractor.... Wandora views a request asking for the image file. The user chooses local file in path C:/Users/Public/Pictures/Sample Pictures/Tulips.jpg. If the user entered valid API key, the extractor results topics and associations for the image and recognized keywords as well as the weight scores. The final screen capture views the image as a subject locator thumbnail.

Alchemy api image keyword example1 1.gif

Alchemy api image keyword example1 2.gif

Alchemy api image keyword example1 3.gif

Alchemy api image keyword example1 4.gif

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