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D3 matrix service module provides a two dimensional matrix visualization of the topic map in Wandora. The D3 matrix service module is part of Wandora's embedded HTTP server. It uses the open source Javascript visualization library D3.js. The service module's alias is d3graph and access URL

Graph visualization provided by the D3 graph service module contains only binary associations and the number of viewed topics is limited to 1000 by default. Wandora user can override this limitation with an HTTP parameter n. For example, accessing URL

sets the maximum number of viewed topics to 9999. Note that increasing the amount of nodes increases load on the client browser and the the Wandora host as well as making the matrix hard to read. conisder using the D3 graph service module or D3 word cloud service module when visualizing large amount of nodes. The user can zoom in and out the graph visualization using the mouse wheel. Dragging the graph pans it. Mousing over a node shows the players of the association.


In this example the module is used to visualize Freebase data of Usain Bolt.

First a new layer is created for the extracted data in Wandora in order to adjust the topics shown in the visualization.

D3 matrix 01.png

Data is then extracted from Freebase using the [Freebase extractor].

D3 matrix 02.png

The visualization is then opened in the browser and zoomed to show an overview of the whole matrix.

D3 matrix 03.png

D3 matrix 04.png

Hiding the base layer in Wandora also hides the base layer's topics and associations in the visualization giving a little more focused view of the topics associated with Mr. Bolt.

D3 matrix 05.png

Bolt being the target of the extraction it's expected for the topic representing him to have a the most associations of the topics shown in the matrix.

D3 matrix 06.png
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