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The D3 graph service module provides a graph visualization of the topic map in Wandora. The module is part of Wandora's embedded HTTP server. It is based on open source Javascript visualization library D3.js. The service module's alias is d3graph and access URL

The graph visualization provided by the D3 graph service module contains only binary associations and the number of viewed topics is limited to 1000 by default. This limitation can be overridden with the HTTP parameter n. For example, accessing URL

sets the maximum number of viewed topics to 9999. It depends on the client's computing resources whether or not the created visualization is usable with 9999 nodes. It requires a lot of computing power to view graphs with 1000 nodes or more. Screen capture below shows a d3graph visualization generated from Wandora's default topic map. User can zoom in and out the graph visualization using the mouse wheel. Dragging a node moves it while dragging the background pans the whole graph. Mousing over on a node fades out the other graph nodes.

D3graph example 03.gif

The next screen capture shows a d3graph visualization of an output of hexagonal tiling generator with a depth of 5.

D3graph example 04.gif

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