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Search panel is used to search and query topics in Wandora. Search panel actually duplicates Wandora's search and places it into Wandora's panel area. User can add search panel to Wandora with a menu option View > New panel > Search. User can add several search panels to Wandora. Each search panel may hold different search or query. Like the general search, the search panel also has tabs for Search, Similarity, Query and TMQL. Default tab is Search. Search tab is used for search topics with regular expressions. Similarity tab is used to search topics with string that only resemble topic's names, subjects, occurrences etc. Query tab is used to write and run Query language scripts. TMQL tab is used to write and run Topic Map Query Language scripts.

Difference with Search panel and Search is that the latter floats in separate dialog window while the first sits tightly in Wandora's topic panel area, and there may be multiple separate search panels while there is always only one search dialog. Both Search panel and Search dialog have same tabs and search options.

Next screen capture views Wandora application window with two search panels. Leftmost search panel is used to query topics with four letter base names. Rightmost search panel is used to search for topics having letter d in their base name.

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