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Wandora's Treemap topic panel is based on treemapping algorithm and visualizes a topic as a set of colored rectangles. Each treemap rectangle represent an associated topic. Color of the rectangle represents association type. Size of the rectangle is proportional to the number of associations in the associated topic. Thus, treemap topic panel gives an overview of topic's associations. If treemap's depth is bigger than 1, treemap consists of nested rectangles. Supported depth levels are 1 to 4. Default depth is 2.

Treemap topic panel is added to Wandora with a menu option View > New panel > Treemap.

Treemap topic panel views a topic association hierarchy above the rectangles. Rightmost topic is a topic that is open in topic panel. Smaller label beside the rightmost topic name is association type name. Color bar above the association type name shows the rectangle color of that association type. Next label to the left is a name of association player topic. If treemap depth is 2 or more, the label row continues with next association type, next player etc. Labels change when user moves the cursor in treemap. Treemap cursor is a set of nested white rectangles following the mouse pointer. Clicking a mouse button over a treemap rectangle opens a popup menu with topic names. Choosing a topic name in the popup menu selects that topic as a root topic in the treemap.

Wandora's Treemap topic panel doesn't support topic nor association editing. It is only for visualization purposes.

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