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Wandora's topic panel model changed in Wandora version 2013-01-28. New topic panel model is based on dockable windows. Each dockable contains one topic panel and Wandora user can view several dockables simultaneously. More over Wandora user can drag and drop dockables and build a workbench she likes. Next image views Wandora with three dockables and topic panels. Dockables locate right to the topic tree. Image views Processing topic panel, Graph topic panel and Traditional topic panel.

To add new dockable i.e. topic panel, choose any menu option under View > New panel. Menu contains all available topic panels, and selecting a topic panel name, creates a new topic panel. Number of topic panels is not limited anyhow.

To delete any dockable, mouse click the X button that locates right-upper corner of the dockable window. Alternatively selecting menu option View > Close current closes only active topic panel. Active topic panel has blue title bar. Choosing a menu option View > Close all closes all topic panels.

Docking topic panel.gif

Moving topic panels

You can change the location and size of topic panels by dragging. To move a topic panel requires that there exists more than one topic panel. A single topic panel can not be moved nor re-sized. It always covers the available size and is always maximized. To move a topic panel, press left mouse button over the title bar of the topic panel, keep mouse button pressed and move the mouse pointer. Wandora views visual clues about possible locations. Notice, a topic panel can't never move outsize Wandora window.

Resizing topic panels

To re-size a topic panel, find a gap between it and it's neighbor, and press mouse button while the mouse pointer changes to an arrow line. Then drag the gap to the location that suits you best. If you re-size one topic panel, another topic panel is re-sized too.

Maximizing topic panels

To maximize a topic panel you can press the rectangle icon that locates upper-right corner of topic panel's title bar. Once a topic panel is maximized, it covers the topic panel area completely and other topic panels are not visible. To restore topic panel's original position and size after maximization, mouse click the rectangle icon again.

Changing topic panel's type

To change topic panel's type select a topic panel and mouse click the topic panel icon bottom-right corner of Wandora window. Wandora views a list of available topic panel types and you can select the type you want. Next image views Wandora user changing the active Traditional topic panel (with Occurrence type topic open) to Graph topic panel.

Change topic panel type.gif

Different topic panels

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