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Selecting File > Extract > Bibliographical > BibTeX Extractor starts the extractor. BibTeX extractor can extract most of the information in a BibTeX file. Each entry in the file is converted to a topic. Attributes author, editor, institution, organization, booktitle, journal, publisher, school and series are converted to associations and everything else to text data. People in author and editor attributes are parsed in the same way BibTeX does. Topics are created for all attribute values that are converted to associations, for author and editor possibly several topics if the value contains several people.

Below is an example of valid BibTex entry Wandora is capable to extract:

@misc{ fensel01oil,
 author = "D. Fensel and F. van Harmelen and I. Horrocks and D. McGuinness and P.
 title = "OIL: An ontology infrastructure for the semantic web",
 text = "Fensel, D., van Harmelen, F., Horrocks, I., McGuinness, D. L., & Patel-Schneider,
   P. F. (2001). OIL: An ontology infrastructure for the semantic web. IEEE
   Intelligent Systems, 16(2):38--44.",
 year = "2001",
 url = "" }
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