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Wandora's DBpedia extractor reads RDF feed from DBpedia and converts the feed to a topic map and merges created topic map with Wandora's current layer. Wandora's DBpedia extractor uses same conversion scheme as Wandora's RDF importer. As a consequence most topics created during the extraction have no base name nor variant names but a single subject identifier equal to RDF resource locator. Wandora's DBpedia extractor starts with menu option File > Extract > Subjects > DBpedia extractor....

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DBpedia extraction example

In this simple example Wandora user uses DBpedia extractor to extract term Helsinki. Helsinki is a capital city of Finland. User opens a DBpedia extractor dialog window by selecting menu option File > Extract > Subjects > DBpedia extractor....

Dbpedia extractor 01.gif

Then user writes Helsinki to the text area of extractor dialog window. User could also collect terms from selected topics by pressing Get context button.

Dbpedia extractor 02.gif

Extractor shows the extracted DBpedia URL and the number of extracted RDF triplets.

Dbpedia extractor 03.gif

User searches for Helsinki to locate extracted topics and opens a topic with subject identifier http://dbpedia.org/resource/Helsinki. As the RDF format has no similar concept to base name, created topics are very simple, and contain only one subject identifier that is equal to the RDF resource URI. This is why DBpedia extracted topic maps resemble RDF.

Dbpedia extractor 05.gif

Dbpedia extractor 06.gif

Dbpedia extractor 07.gif

Dbpedia extractor 08.gif

Dbpedia extractor 09.gif
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