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It is rather common in math to represent graphs with vertex pairs such as


Here 1,2,3,4,5, and 6 are vertices i.e. nodes of the graph. This kind of graph representation is called adjacency list. Wandora's adjacency list import feature takes such vertex pairs (or vectors in general) and creates topic map constructs i.e. topics and associations for given arguments. Vertex labels can contain numbers and letters. Comma is not only vertex delimiter but also space, tab, -, | are accepted. Edges can separated with any of


characters. Generator accept also edges with more than 2 nodes. Edge generator starts with option File > Import > Adjacency list import.... Wandora requests edge data with text/file/url dialog. Below is an example of Adjacency list import dialog where we have pasted example edges to the text field.

Edge generator dialog.gif

Now we can view generated associations with Wandora's graph view:

Edge generator example.gif

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