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Europeana is a collection of Europe's cultural and scientific history curated by the Europeana Foundation. Europeana provides the Europeana API which is an open database of cultural content. Wandora's Europeana extractor searches the Europeana API with a search word given by Wandora user, and transforms the result sets into topic maps. The extractor requires an API key which you can receive by registering here. The extractor uses Europeana API version 2.0. More information about the API can be found here. The Europeana database is licensed under Creative Commons Public Domain Dedication. Europeana terms and policies can be found here.

Wandora's Europeana extractor can be used by starting it from the menu File > Extract > Media > Europeana extractor which opens the search window.


In the search window you can type in a query in the search field. You can then search by clicking Extract. If an API key has been inserted before user can reset it by clicking the Forget API Key button.


The extractor prompts for your API key if none is found. Type in the key and click OK to search the database. You can register for a API key at Europeana.


After the extraction has been completed the used query URL will be shown. If the query fails to extract or no results are returned it will also be reported.


If the query successfully returned results they are automatically mapped into the topics. The fetched information can be browsed from the topics tab.


Conversion details

The data conversion done by the Europeana extractor is limited by the mappings the extractor provides for topic maps and the query type. The extractor uses the default query type. The extractor maps the following fields from the returned result set:

  • id
  • provider
  • language
  • year
  • rights
  • title
  • dcCreator
  • country
  • EuropeanaCollectionName
  • edmConceptLabel
  • type
  • dataProvider
  • edmPlaceLabel
  • edmPreview
  • guid

Additional notes

  • Wandora's Europeana extractor is a developer technology. The content extracted from Europeana usually requires some modifications and refining before it can be used in end-user applications.
  • Wandora has a separate SPARQL extractor which provides a predefined settings for Ontotext's Europeana Sparql interface. Notice that the topic map produced by the Sparql interface is not compatible with topic maps produced by Wandora's Europeana extractor described here.
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