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Wandora's HelMet extractor performs title, author and ISBN searches to the database of Helsinki city library and transforms results to topic maps in Wandora. HelMet extractor is basically a front end to the HelMet data API. At the moment (9th of June 2011) the HelMet library database contains little over 672000 bibliographical entities i.e. books, magazines, audio records etc. Reader should acknowledge that the Helsinki city library is a general library and focuses on literature written or translated to Finnish language. Other languages such as English are minority. However, if you are a fan of Finnish literature, I suspect the database is a wonderful source of bibliographical information. This bias reflects also the language of information provided by the data API. All data -- and thus the topic map created by the extractor uses mainly Finnish language.

Wandora's HelMet extractor starts with a menu option File > Extract > Bibliographical > HelMet extractor.... Extractor opens up a dialog window used to express the search query. Search type is selected with tab options. Select tab labeled as Title to perform title search, for example.


  • Fixed in Wandora release 2011-08-15. It looks like the API has been upgraded (or the documentation has been upgraded) and contains now an option for paging. Current (2011-06-10) version of Wandora's HelMet extractor doesn't support paging option. We'll add the paging support to HelMet extractor very soon.

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Example shows a Wandora user performing a HelMet extraction with author query Tervo. Query string is a common family name in Finland. Then Wandora user simply browses the resulting topics in Wandora. Reader should notice that subject identifiers of record type topics are actually links to the web site of Helsinki city library and view the record as HTML.

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