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The MediaWiki content exporter is used to export MediaWiki content from Wandora to a MediaWiki instance. It's used through the context menu of

  • a single topic in the side bar
  • a whole Topic Map layer
  • a single topic open in the topic panel through the topics menu item

The most straightfoward way to use the exporter is to first aquire MediaWiki content from a wiki instance using the MediaWiki Content Extractor.

The exported simply looks for a user specified occurrence type and scope in the context topics and uploads their contents to the specifed MediaWiki instance.


First aquire MediaWiki content for example using the MediaWiki Content Extractor. Here content extracted in the extractor example is used.

Right click on a topic and select Occurrences > Upload content to Mediawiki

Mediawiki exp 1.png

Select the appropriate type and scope topics to specify the content occurrence of the topics

Fill in the details of the instance

Mediawiki exp 5.png

Results are shown after the operation

Mediawiki exp 6.png

The article is now available on the wiki site

Mediawiki exp 7.png

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