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Wandora's Oma kaupunki extractor reads a data feed from Oma kaupunki API and converts the feed to topics and associations stored in Wandora. Oma kaupunki is a Helsinki region event and service directory. It provides information related to local events and services.

Oma kaupunki extractor starts with a menu option File > Extract > Other > Oma kaupunki extractor. Selecting the menu option opens up a dialog used to set extraction details. Dialog has two tabs labeled Events and Services. Selecting events tab performs an event extraction. Likewise, selecting services tab performs a service extraction. Performing an Oma kaupunki extraction requires a personal API key. You can request your API key here.

License for the information extracted from Oma kaupunki API is Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0.

Next chapters review two examples where Wandora's Oma kaupunki extractor is used to construct a topic map consisting of event and service information.

Event extraction example

Omakaupunki 01.gif

Omakaupunki 02.gif

Omakaupunki 03.gif

Omakaupunki 04.gif

Omakaupunki 05.gif

Service extraction example

Omakaupunki 06.gif

Omakaupunki 08.gif

Omakaupunki 09.gif

Omakaupunki 10.gif
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