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Original OpenCyc extractor in Wandora was using web API at OpenCyc. The web API extractor was later replaced by OpenCyc RDF extractor. Current Wandora is using OpenCyc RDF extractor by default. Original web API extractor is discussed below.

Wandora's OpenCyc extractor uses the semantic web endpoint of the Cyc at , specifically at . The semantic web endpoint returns RDF feeds. Wandora processes the RDF feed using OpenCYCOWLExtractor that is one of Wandora's RDF extractors. Resulting topic map is not connected to Wandora's base ontology. To locate created topics and associations the user needs to search keyword cyc.

Additional notes

  • Cyc concepts start with a capital letter. Thus you might want to search for Wolf instead of wolf and People instead of people.
  • Notice OpenCyc extractor generated associations and topics are not compatible with the Topic map conversion of OpenCyc.
  • RDF to topic map transformation follows generally rules described at Importing RDF but employs a simple role and association mapping based in OpenCyc's schema.

OpenCyc web API extractors

Wandora includes several extractors to get information from OpenCyc web API. However, as it look like the web API is unstable and has very limited access, Wandora's OpenCyc web API extractors have been removed from the UI. They can be revived and used with Wandora's Tool manager.

These web API extractors are

  • OpenCyc specs extractor
  • OpenCyc isa extractor
  • OpenCyc genls extractor
  • OpenCyc instance extractor
  • OpenCyc denotations extractor
  • OpenCyc comment extractor
  • OpenCyc siblings extractor
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