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Nokia's Ovi Share is a discontinued service. Wandora's Ovi shared media extractor has been deprecated. The feature still exists in Wandora application but it has no direct access. If interested in Wandora's Ovi shared media extractor, look at it in Tool manager.

Ovi Share is a media repository and community where people can share their photos, videos, and other media. Ovi Share is provided by Nokia. Ovi Share offers special RSS data feeds to acquire repository stored media items. Wandora's Ovi shared media extractor reads these RSS data feeds and converts them to topic maps format. Wandora's Ovi shared media extractor starts with menu option File > Extract > Media > Ovi shared media extractor.... Extractor opens a dialog where user can choose exact feed type to be transferred. Below is a snapshot of feed selection dialog.

Ovi tagged.gif

Available feed options are

Tab Description
Tagged Read media entry feed that contains media entries tagged with given keyword. For example, such tag is summer.
Located Read media entry feed with entries geo tagged with given location name. For example, such location name is Paris.
Owned Read media entry feed of given user name.
Titled Read media entries titled or described with given search word.
Channel Read specific media entry channel feed.
Dated Read media entries dated with given date.
URL Read given URL and convert resulting RSS feed to a topic using media entry parser. This is useful option if you have constructed the feed URL manually or have stored the feed to a local file for example.


In this example user starts Ovi shared media extractor, chooses tagged tab, and extracts with tag summer. After successful extraction user opens one media entry topic to traditional topic panel. Then user opens rain tag topic associated to the media item topic and starts Ovi shared media extractor again. Now user extracts with tag rain. Latter extraction results are merged with results of first extraction.

Ovi example 01.gif

Ovi example 02.gif

Ovi example 03.gif

Ovi example 04.gif

Ovi example 05.gif

Ovi example 06.gif

Ovi example 06b.gif

Ovi example 06c.gif

Ovi example 07.gif

Ovi example 08.gif


  • Wandora or Wandora authors have no rights to use information extracted from Ovi Shared and can not give you any rights for that information. Please, contact actual media authors and owners (see Ovi authors in extracted topic map), and possibly Nokia to clear rights.
  • Wandora doesn't download actual media resources. They still locate in Ovi Share service. Only subject locator URL is stored in topic map to refer media resource.
  • Wandora doesn't upload media resources to Ovi Share. Neither does Wandora change any information stored in Ovi Share.

Development ideas

  • Wandora contains now both Flickr and Ovi Share extractors. However, topic maps generated by two extractors are not compatible. Neither is there a harmonizer to convert Flickr and Ovi Share topic maps to same schema. It would be very interesting to create an adapter topic map used to harmonize Flickr and Ovi Share originating topic maps!
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