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SameAs service is part of Wandora's embedded server. It is basically an API that returns all subject identifiers of a given topic. The topic is regocnized with a single subject identifier URI. Thus, the service returns all subject URIs that reify the same topic. SameAs API's endpoint is

The service accepts either topic or uri parameter. The parameter should contain subject identifier URI of addressed topic, for example

The response is a JSON data structure similar to

    "uri": "http:\/\/\/core\/wandoraclass",
    "numDuplicates": "2",
    "duplicates": [

where the uri value is requested subject identifier URI and duplicates an array of subject URI of addressed topic. Notice, the requested subject URI is enclosed in duplicates also. Value of numDuplicates contains the number of duplicates.

The response format is compatible with the JSON format of Thus, applications using the JSON endpoint of should be compatible with Wandora's SameAs service. Specifically, Wandora's Sameas subject expander can be used with the SameAs service too.

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