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Wandora's tree graph generator creates a topic map where each topic has equal number of child topics associated. Created topic map has no cycles and is planar. Wandora allows the user to choose the tree depth and the number of child nodes. Wandora's tree graph generator starts with a menu option File > Generate > Tree graph generator.... Below is an example graph created with tree graph generator (depth 5, number of children 3, and Cayman). Blue node at the center is root of the tree.

Tree graph generator options.gif

Wandora doesn't connect created topic tree topics to Wandora class and you have to explicitly search for created tree topics. You can use the Finder tab to locate created topics. Use search word topic. All tree graph topics have a basename Topic x-y-z where x, y, and z are topic's coordinates in the tree. Tree root has always a basename Topic root.

Tree graph example.gif

Generating several different topic trees after one another causes tree topics to superposition. For example, generating a tree with depth 3 and number of child nodes 5 after previous generation results a graph:

Tree graphs superposition.gif

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