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Wandora's FreeDB extractor converts freedb database entries to a topic map. Freedb is a huge database of CD information. Database is a collection of formatted plain text files. Each database file contains information about one disc: titles, artists, track names, and genres for example. Database's license is GPL General Public License. Freedb can be downloaded at

To start Wandora's FreeDB extractor select File > Extract > Media > FreeDB extractor... and point database entry file(s) or a database entry folder. The database contains over 2.5 million files and you can't extract all that data to a memory topic map. Memory topic map suits only for partial extractions. To extract the whole database you need to use a database topic map.

See Wandora's sample folder for an example of FreeDB extraction. Freedb database format specification may help you to understand the conversion process.

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