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Memory topic map is a topic map construct kept in computer's memory during edit time. Memory topic map is probably the most common topic map construct Wandora user requires. Memory topic map requires no external initialization and is ready for usage after creation.

Memory topic map can hold thousands of topics and associations. Actual limitations depend on the amount of memory you give to the Java Runtime Environment. Wandora includes four different startup scripts with different memory footprint (discussed in Running Wandora). Default script gives JRE 750M enough to hold topic maps with ~50 000 topics and ~100 000 associations.

Creating Memory Layer

To create a memory topic map layer select Layers > New layer and choose Memory as the layer type. Configuring new memory layer is very easy. Just enter layer's name and choose to import XTM topic map file to created layer, or not. If you decide not to import a topic map, the created layer will be empty. Below is an example of memory layer configuration panel.

New layer memory.gif

You can also select to import Wandora's mini ontology resources/conf/wandora_mini.xtm to the created layer. This mini map contains a set of Wandora's fundamental topics and associations. Mini ontology is handy if you decide to delete Wandora's default Base layer later on. In order to work properly Wandora requires at least minimal ontology with language and Wandora class topics. After layer creation you should see new layer at the left bottom of application window (see image below). After layer creation you can select the layer and modify the topic map within. You could import existing XTM file into the layer for example.


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