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By default Wandora supports language topics

To add a language to Wandora just create a topic for the language and add Wandora language as a class to the created language topic. Wandora doesn't restrict anyhow language topics although it is a good practice to use existing naming conventions and published subject identifiers. Next image views a topic Wandora language open in Wandora's Traditional topic panel. All default language topics are instances of topic Wandora language.

Topic wandora language.gif

To hide a specific topic name, open the language topic and remove Wandora language class with Topics > Delete from topic > Delete classes.

To remove a specific language, remove the language topic. To remove the language permanently, you need to edit Wandora's base ontology topic map at build/resources/conf/wandora.xtm. Removing a language deletes also all variant names. Note, removing a language affects occurrences also!

To change the order of variant name text fields, add sort name to all language topics. Alphabetical order of sort name defines the position of text field.

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