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Wandora's Hypercube generator creates algorithmically topic maps that resemble hypercube graphs. Hypercube graph is an n-dimensional analogue of a square (n=2) and a cube (n=3). Hypercube generator starts with option File > Generate > Hypercube graph generator. Generator requests the dimension (n) of created hypercube. Topics represent hypercube vertices and associations hypercube edges. Basename pattern for vertices is hypercube vertex n where n is a vector of variable length representing the edge path from initial point (0 dimensional cube). Note also Wandora's Platonic solid graph generator that can be used to create 3-hypercubes also known as regular 3 dimensional cubes. Platonic solid graph generator created graphs are not topic-compatible with graphs created with hypercube graph generator.

Below is an example screenshot of Wandora viewing a 4 dimensional hypercube graph.

Hypercube example.gif

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