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Wandora's Lattice graph generator builds a lattice graph using topics and associations. Lattice graph can be visualized as a three dimensional collection of box-bricks packed as tight as possible. Topics represent box corners, vertices. Associations are lattice graph edges. If one dimension of the lattice is reduced to one, the lattice becomes a two dimensional surface with a square tiling.

Wandora's Lattice graph generator starts with a menu option File > Generate > Lattice generator. Once selected, Wandora opens up a dialog to enter lattice dimensions and topic counter offsets. Offset values can be used to build several distinct or partially connected lattices.


In this example Wandora user selects menu option File > Generate > Lattice generator and enters lattice dimensions 2, 3 and 4. And offset values 0, 0, 0.

Lattice graph generator 01.gif

User presses OK button and Wandora generates lattice graph topics and associations into the selected topic map layer. Next Wandora user uses three different visualization features of Wandora to view the lattice graph. First, the user locates one lattice topic using Finder and switches to Graph topic panel and expands the view to cover all lattice topics.

Lattice graph generator 02.gif

Next, the user starts Processing topic panel and loads Euclidean3D.sketch from file. Then user runs the sketch and expands all nodes i.e. topics of the lattice graph.

Lattice graph generator 03.gif

Finally user starts Wandora's embedded server and it's d3graph service.

Lattice graph generator 04.gif

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