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IIIF Export tool exports image data in the International Image Interoperability Framework JSON-LD format. To use the IIIF Export, select the menu item File > Export > Export IIIF JSON-LD....

IIIF manifest files can be used with some 3rd party image viewers, such as the Mirador Viewer. However, at the moment Mirador does not support static image links in the manifest but instead requires an IIIF image server to host the images. As such, the simple IIIF manifest files exported from Wandora may not be usable in Mirador. The Full IIIF Builder (described below) will export the image server information, if it was specified in the topic map, and as long as the images are correctly hosted on the server, these files should then work in Mirador.

There are several options in how the image data is gathered from the topic map. You can change this by launching the tool with holding down the control key and then changing the IIIF Builder option. The different builders are described below.

Simple Selection Builder takes the selected topics and looks for images in their subject locator. An IIIF image manifest is then generated from these images. Topic display names are used as labels of the images but no other information is used from the topic map. As such, this is a very simple way to export the selected image topics as IIIF JSON-LD.

Selection Instances Builder is similar to the simple selection builder, but instead it checks the instances of the selected topics for image subject locators rather than the selected topics themselves. For example, you might have a topic called images which is the type of all your image topics. You'd then select just the type topic and all its instances would be exported.

Full IIIF Builder uses the same topic maps schema as is produced by the IIIF RDF extractor tool. You need to select the manifest topic and then the tool will look for the associated sequences, canvases etc. This is the most full featured IIIF export tool.

See also IIIF RDF extractor.

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